Art Deco Female Figure Modern Metal Sculpture

I found this cool Art Deco style metal sculpture at the Savers on Warm Springs. While it is a modern example, it's still a great piece and very striking.

The chrome finish really accentuates the slight curves in the design. It almost has the feel of an oversized vintage hood ornament with those lines. A great addition to my collection!

Orangina Bottle and Hand Sculpture by Georges Vila

Now this is a unique item. It appears to be either a sculpture or an award made by Georges Vila, of a hand holding an Orangina bottle. The artist is interesting, because there is an artist by the name of Georges Villa (two l's), who made advertising posters for Orangina and others. However, the signatures do not match. It is possible he shortened his signature for sculptures, but I'm having trouble figuring it out.

The sculpture itself is about 12" tall, and has some good weight to it. It's not metal, I believe it is some sort of clay or plaster. The detail on the hand is amazing! Not to mention the lettering and texture on the bottle.  It almost seems too perfect to be done by hand. The reason I stated earlier that it may be an award is because at the bottom, there seems to be an indentation where a small plaque could have been placed.

Overall, a really unique and great find!

Pride Go Go Elite Traveller 3 Wheel Scooter

Every so often, you can find a great deal just by stepping out your front door.  This past Friday, just such a thing happened.

As I was getting in my car heading to the grocery, I noticed my across the street neighbors packing hastily and placing many items on the curb garbage pick up area. One of these items happened to be a Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Scooter, in basically brand new condition. They simply had no room to take it with them, and were trashing it.

After I returned from the grocery, my other neighbor had pulled the scooter out of their trash area, over to our side of the street. We began talking, and he said the battery seemed to be dead and there was no key. He asked if I could do anything with it, I quickly said yes, and the scooter was mine.

The Go Go Elite Traveller has a retail value of about $1199. Used ones in this condition sell for $400-$700 regularly on Craigslist. I'll be getting a new battery this week and trying to figure out the key situation, and then this baby is up for sale! Best part of this scooter, as you can view in the final picture... it has 2 speeds: Turtle or Rabbit!