Thrift Finds of the Day

Only a couple stops today after having BBQ at Lucille's in The District. The Goodwill on Warm Springs yielded nothing, but at the Savers just down the street, we found 2 items. First was a Minolta XD 11 camera body with 80-200mm lens. A pretty nice set up and somewhat valuable, selling regularly on eBay for $50 to $120. Price: $7.99
Next up we found a really cool James Bond LP. We were considering setting up a small display on an unused wall with LP's, but could not decide on the subject matter. I believe James Bond albums will win out.  Price: $1

Thrift Finds of Yesterday

This piece was found at the Savers on Tropicana. It reminded me of the aftermath of nuclear apocalypse, so I had to have it!  It's about 30"x30" and hand painted. Total price: $14.99-20% off = $12.


Jose and I went to the pawn shop... the one featured on the show Pawn Stars, to see if they'd buy a couple items.  One of which was the Coal Iron we purchased just a day ago for $4.99.  Having researched them online, the iron is worth anywhere from $30-$100, depending on condition.  Of all the ones I saw, ours was clearly in poor condition.  The pawn job offered us $30, which I got them to raise to $40.  Total profit in less than 24 hours: $35 - Success!

Thrift Finds of Yesterday

Sundays are usually a pretty good day for thrifting here in Las Vegas.  Goodwill has their .99 cent sticker specials, where any item with a certain color of sticker will only be .99 cents for that item, no matter the original cost.  My first 4 stops yielded nothing.  They were the Goodwills on Eastern, Warm Springs and Tropicana, along with the Savers on Warm Springs.  On my 5th and final stop, I found some fun stuff.  First up was a brass Bull figure.  It's pretty sweet, as it's more of an modern take on the shape of a bull.  $5.99 and then 50% off.

Next up I found a couple really cool vintage electronic items.  The first was a Cybernet Mini Concert cassette player/recorder.  Nearly perfect condition, with the leather case showing hardly any wear.  It's was only $2.99, with another 20% off.

My final find was vintage Honeywell Elmo 8mm camera.  It's in excellent condition, and even included the original leather camera bag!  It was priced at $14.99, with 50% off.

So there you have it!  3 excellent finds from this past weekend.

Thrift Finds of the Day

Made 3 stops today in search of thrifting gold with Jose going along with me. First up was Salvation Army on Durango. Nothing of interest there. Like usual, Salvation Army had most items over priced. On to stop #2, the Goodwill on Sahara. We had much better luck at this location. Electronics and furniture were both 25% off, so we were hoping to find something nice. After an initial walk-through, nothing. Then some employees starting bring out additional furniture pieces, and suddenly Jose spotted these:

A pair of Danish-style dining chairs!  Each was marked at $9.99, so they cost us $19.98 - 25% off = $14.98 total.

Next up was Savers on Spring Mountain.  They had 50% off purple tags, and .99 cent blue tags.  We found nothing of interest with those tags attached, but we did find something else:

A very old coal iron.  I believe they are called Sad Irons, but I'm not sure.  I need to do a bit more research on it.  Best part, it was only $4.99.  Overall, a very solid find.

So that's it for today!  3 stops, 2 great finds, all for $20.

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