Thrift Finds of Yesterday

Sundays are usually a pretty good day for thrifting here in Las Vegas.  Goodwill has their .99 cent sticker specials, where any item with a certain color of sticker will only be .99 cents for that item, no matter the original cost.  My first 4 stops yielded nothing.  They were the Goodwills on Eastern, Warm Springs and Tropicana, along with the Savers on Warm Springs.  On my 5th and final stop, I found some fun stuff.  First up was a brass Bull figure.  It's pretty sweet, as it's more of an modern take on the shape of a bull.  $5.99 and then 50% off.

Next up I found a couple really cool vintage electronic items.  The first was a Cybernet Mini Concert cassette player/recorder.  Nearly perfect condition, with the leather case showing hardly any wear.  It's was only $2.99, with another 20% off.

My final find was vintage Honeywell Elmo 8mm camera.  It's in excellent condition, and even included the original leather camera bag!  It was priced at $14.99, with 50% off.

So there you have it!  3 excellent finds from this past weekend.

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Paige said...

Bull=Marco the Greyhound. Totally.