Orangina Bottle and Hand Sculpture by Georges Vila

Now this is a unique item. It appears to be either a sculpture or an award made by Georges Vila, of a hand holding an Orangina bottle. The artist is interesting, because there is an artist by the name of Georges Villa (two l's), who made advertising posters for Orangina and others. However, the signatures do not match. It is possible he shortened his signature for sculptures, but I'm having trouble figuring it out.

The sculpture itself is about 12" tall, and has some good weight to it. It's not metal, I believe it is some sort of clay or plaster. The detail on the hand is amazing! Not to mention the lettering and texture on the bottle.  It almost seems too perfect to be done by hand. The reason I stated earlier that it may be an award is because at the bottom, there seems to be an indentation where a small plaque could have been placed.

Overall, a really unique and great find!


coell said...

Now THAT'S a trophy I'd like to win!

Cecile said...

I have one like this ! Can you give me some information about it ?
I'm from france.

Anonymous said...

J'ai également un exemplaire de ce trophée qui m'a été remis par Georges Villa lui même en 1993.
J'ai connu Georges Villa en 1962 à Lyon, nous avons travaillé ensemble en discothèque fin des années 60/70.
Nous nus sommes perdus de vue et c'est avec plaisir que je prendrais de ces nouvelles.
Jacques Mathon

Anonymous said...

Georges Vila (one l) is my cousin. Now, he lives in south east of France. I'll tell him about this post so he can bring more information regarding this trophy.