Buy Thrifting Vegas Finds via Paypal or local purchase!

I've enabled the 'Buy Thrifts' portion of the blog, so you are now able to purchase some of the fun things we find while thrifting in Las Vegas!

Along with being able to purchase the finds highlighted on Thrifting Vegas, I'm also giving Las Vegas locals the opportunity to list items you'd like to sell on this site. You can email us if you have an item and we may list it on this site! I'm going to set the limit at 1 item per person to start, and there is no cost for this service. You will get all the profit minus the Paypal fees (if the purchase is made using that service). If the item is sold locally, there are again no fees! Items selected to be listed are at the discretion of this site and not all items can or will be listed.

The reason I'm providing this service is because many fellow thrifters have items they would like to sell, but have neither the knowledge or outlet to do so. If you're item is selected, it will be listed for 1 month in the 'Buy Thrifts' section. It will be removed after 1 month or when the item sells, whichever comes first. This is a service meant to help those who find it difficult to sell items online and is not meant to be abused. We reserve the right to end this service at any time if we feel it is being misused.

Please contact us for more details or any questions you may have, and happy thrifting!

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