Video blogs here I come!

I wasn't sure what to make of this Chinon CV-T73 camera when I first saw it at the Savers on Warm Springs priced at $25. It looked cool, but then again it is a VHS camera. Some quick research using the iPhone revealed quite a bit. On eBay there were nothing but manuals for this camera model, which themselves were going for $25. Batteries (the camera does not have a battery with it), were about $15-$40. Still, I could find nothing for the actual camera. A google search brought more answers. It seems this is a very high end VHS camera, which allows for digital enhancements and effects while shooting. Mostly used in Mexico and similar regions. Decided to go for it, why not.  Total cost: $25 - 20% off coupon = $20 total + tax.

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Paige said...

shoot it up, yo.