Walmart and Thrifting: Together at last.

When it comes to Walmart, you're generally in one of two mindsets. You hate Walmart and vow to never shop there, or you tolerate it for low low prices. I'm firmly planted in the 'tolerate' group. That being said, I can only handle it in small, spread out doses.

What does this have to do with thrifting you might ask? Well, thrifting does not have to be exclusively done at thrift stores, antique malls, garage sales and the like.  If you keep you eyes open you can thrift anything, anywhere.

That brings me to today. My friend Ashleigh and I went to Home Depot to get some wood and materials for making art canvas, and decided to stop by Walmart as it was just across the parking lot. I got a Sweet Tea from McDonald's and headed for the garden department for some weed killer. As our shopping was concluding, Ashleigh noticed the clearance woman's clothing was an additional 50% off. I stepped over to the guys section to check it out, but saw no similar signage. I did however make an excellent find. Hidden on a clearance rack was a super cool t-shirt, in my size, last one there. Price: $2. Upon checking out, it registered at 50% off as well and ended up costing me only $1.

Enough with the talking, here it is... be jealous. ;)


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