Vintage Stromberg Carlson Telephone and Console Table

These next two finds were made by Jose on a trip to the Charleston Antique Mall. This mall always has a few booth dedicated to 60's/70's furnishings and accessories. If you can manage to navigate your way in to the parking lot, it's well worth the visit.

On this trip, we weren't having much luck to begin with. Antique malls are general tough place to find bargains, as the booth owners either know the actual value of their items or believe their items are worth way more than they actually are. Still, bargains can be found if you're persistent.

Near the back of the mall we found a small booth which had a nice vintage fan Jose was interested in, but as we have several vintage fans already, we decided to pass. Just then Jose spotted a burnt orange rotary phone. As you'll come to see, he has a bit of an addiction to this color. Any item with this color becomes instantly more valuable to him, and rightfully so. It's a great color! This example is a Stromberg Carlson Rotary Telephone, in near perfect condition.

While Jose was playing with the telephone, he failed to notice what it happened to be sitting on... a really cool vintage console table. Since we were in an antique mall, we both assumed it would be listed at a crazy price. Imagine out surprise when it had a price tag of only $55! Needless to say, we immediately purchased both the table and the phone. Best part was trying to carry the table through the antique mall without smashing in to anything. It was close, but we made it out with our treasures and survived to thrift again!


Mishizzle said...

Love the phone, LOVE the table, LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! :D I'm such a great friend....

Anonymous said...

Is the phone for sale?