Sony Recording Walkman model WM-AF67

These old Sony Walkmans are highly collectable when in good condition. With or without the original box, many overseas collectors love the retro style and superior quality versus the modern equivalents.

This model (WM-AF67) is prized because it combines many features collectors are searching for. Not only is it a quality walkman, it will also record audio via the microphone input and contains an AM/FM radio. Overall, a great find for a very low price!


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

I can see why this would be collectible, looks pretty cool!

I noticed my blog is included on your blog list and I thank you. However, you've left the 'y' off of Fifty...if you get a chance could you correct it sometime? (Pushy, I know, but old proofreaders never die!)

Juan Pablo said...

I recently got one of this. I had to opened it because it wasn't working and I found out that the rubber band was wornout so I buy one and changed it, and now it's running great.
I know is a pain in the ass, but I would really appreciate if you could upload or email me a scan of the user's manual, at least the page where they talk about the recording specs. It's hard to find that kind of things in my country. Thanks for the post.

Vikas said...

Hey if this is still up for sale, I will be interested in purchasing it...Please email me ASAP to or call me 831-261-8824. Thanks, Vik Patel

Vikas said...

I will be happy to pay you whatever you are asking for it Ryan, Please let me know!

Vikas said...

YOU MADE MY DAY. I cannot describe in words the feeling I have had all of today after I learnt of the package you sent me.
Thank you and now its my turn. Today was a big festival for us - Diwali and I have never felt this happy on any Diwali before :)
I will for sure pass it on :)
Best Regards,
Vikas Patel

Anonymous said...

can you posend an email of the sony wm-af67 owners manual scan please?

ivan said...

can you send an scan of the wm-af 67 please? my adress is

ivan said...

can you send an scan copy of the wm-af67 owners manual please? mi email is

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who is still looking for a Sony Walkman WM-AF67 with record if you want to e-mail me I just acquired one Thx Ron

Ontario Canada